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How can i improve my application?

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Graduated with distinction (3.6< for last 3 years) but have overall a low gpa 3.4 with upward trend (2.7- 4.0 in my last year). i was very ill during my first three years and struggled a lot with my mental and physical health. didnt get help until my third year which is when i started to actually do well in school (3.7, 4.0 for my last two years). I will write about my struggles where appropriate but i am proud i persevered and came out stronger. feeling very discouraged but i am determined no matter what.

no publications but i have been a research assistant for 3+ years.
multiple leadership positions (VP of a club, senior member coordinator, secretary, orientation leader),
i have been volunteering at the hospital for 3+ years and at a womens shelter for half a year(debating going back now that i have more time) my club also did a lot of fundrasing and awareness.
ive been a nanny for 5 years and currently working at technology retail store to improve my social, active listening and communication skills.
i did an international medical shadowing program in europe and am learning spanish as a hobby. going to travel europe in the future as well.

my reference are from an undergrad program director who i have a good relationship will and offered to write me a letter before i even asked. i know my referees well and know they will give me  a glowing refernce. 
how are my chances considering i do well on the mcat? (515 +).and how can i improve my application? ive already graduated so i cant do much about my gpa- it is what it is. i applied to be a mentor to youth this summer. 
i will be applying to u of alberta, u of calgary, mcmasters and queens.

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U of C emphasizes experiences so your Top 10 is critical. Queens has a cut-off system for GPA and MCAT scores, and you need to meet those cut-offs (they vary from year to year) for them to even review your Autobiographical Sketch and consider an interview invite. But if you get an invite, they ignore academics altogether and base the final admission decision on interview + references + ABS. 

McMaster is different - they use a mathematical formula of 33% CARS, Casper and GPA to determine the interview list, with only 10% of interview invites sent to non-Ontario residents. 

Good luck! U of C and Queens could really play to your strengths. 

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