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I believe the Canada GPA adjustment you're referring to is actually the difference in percentage to letter grade conversion between the two countries. Because for example an 81% would be an A- --> 3.7 in Canada but a B- --> 2.7 in the US it would be unfair to convert your percentage using the US conversion table to calculate your GPA. So the "higher conversion" is using your Canadian school's conversion system to first calculate your letter grades and then GPA (I tried to exemplify this with a table below but UBC's conversion system may be slightly different than my own Canadian Undergrad). Because you fed the the GPA converter your letter grades, 3.51 should be your true GPA. My only clarification would be that the AADSAS application does not acknowledge an A+, meaning both As and A+s convert to a 4.0 GPA. Make sure your online converter takes this into account. 

I actually applied with exactly a 3.51 GPA and I have a copy of my AADSAS application which produced a breakdown of my GPA calculation, so if you have any questions feel free to message me.

Letter Grade          US              Canada

         A+               >100             90 - 100
         A                94 - 100          85 - 90
         A-               90 - 93            80 - 84
         B+              87 - 89            77 - 79

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