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Medical student Providing Application / Interview Consult

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Hey everyone!

I am a current medical student. Our rotations have been paused for the last month. So I have plenty of spare time on my hands!

I was in your shoes a few years ago, so I know how stressful it all seems! 

Back when I applied, I received over 4 interviews across Canada and the United States. Accepted into multiple Canadian medical schools. 

For anybody who is reading these forums who is interested in applying to medical school, I would love to help you out. 

I'm happy to have chat and give some pointers on how to structure your upcoming years and months, what to know for the Canadian Admissions process, and other questions you may have.

I am also glad to help anybody who is looking to strengthen or prepare for interviews.

Best of luck to everyone. 

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thanks @ArdentMed for organizing this. Just a reminder to those using this service that not many people here will truly know how to write the best application or give the best interview. Medical school admissions are designed to take a diverse range of applicants, at least ideally. And so more importantly than taking all of the advice from one person, I would ask different people for their inputs on your applications, letters, etc. 

all the best!

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