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Hey everyone, 

I'm currently a second year undergrad student looking to apply for UBC this upcoming year, but I'm confused about when our prerequisites need to be completed. Based on UBC's official site: 

"Applicants for admission to the class of 2025 must have completed all required courses and 90 credits by the end of August, 2020.
Starting in June 2020, conditional offers will not be offered, and therefore all academic requirements to the DMD program (prerequisites and fulfilling the minimum 90 credits), for applications to the DMD Class of 2025 must be completed by August 2020, and no exceptions will be considered."

So, would this mean that I would need to complete all credits before August 2020?  Or maybe the dates apply to the previous year???  

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11 hours ago, garceyues said:

So if someone was going to apply and they were missing an English prerequisite course, they effectively could not apply that cycle, even though they could take that prereq during that cycle? 

Yes. Exactly! I'm missing a gen chem as my school only offers 1 gen chem course. UBC replied and basically missing any prereq at the time you apply will DSQ you. 


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