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Could someone answer my questions about western med sci and Guelph biomedical sci.

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I have gotten offers from both programs but I am having trouble choosing one. Both campuses are absolutely gorgeous and they are both similar science courses. So, the only deciding factor left is the ease of getting a high GPA. If anyone knows in which program I would be able to achieve a higher GPA, please let me know. Thanks.

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Hey there! I thought I'd give you some insight considering I was in your exact situation a few years ago! I'm in Guelph biomed, so I obviously can't speak to western med sci, but I have a few friends in it, so I'm generally aware of its characteristics.

Personally, I don't the only deciding factor is the difficulty, because the two schools are very different! First of all, Western is a lot bigger, and not everything is in walking distance. It's also more known for its partying atmosphere. Are those things you're interested in? If not, Guelph might be better suited to you. Med sci is also a very different major in that you don't actually start it until third year. The first two years are general science courses, and then you get to choose a module and specialize in things like physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, etc. Guelph biomed is not like that. It's also very general in first year, with a bit more specificity by second year, but the major is set from day 1. I personally think the biomed courses are a lot more relevant to med school (things like cardiology, immunology, cancer bio). 

From what I've heard, western med sci isn't the easiest, but it's certainly doable! At the end of the day it's all about how much work you're willing to put in. What I love about Guelph is the resources they have to offer: writing help, supported learning groups, TAs working in the library, etc. I've never felt lost or alone when encountering a problem because there were always options! 

It's hard to definitively say which one is easier because I've only tried one, but I can say that so far, biomed has been really fair in terms of difficulty. Definitely a step up from high school and not a cake walk, but if you gain good study habits and work hard, high grades shouldn't be impossible. It's a wonderful school and I highly recommend it!

Let me know if you have any specific questions about biomed; I'd be happy to help!

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