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5 minutes ago, chrsyjun said:

historically, the results have come out only monday or thursday... so I'm assuming the results will probably come out thursday then? :/ 

They indicated that results will be released early this week, based on a conversation my friend had with the admissions on the phone. So I’m thinking tomorrow!

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Dunno...I'm planning to stay off the forum until the emails go out. But good luck everyone! I'm rooting for each and every one of you.  

Just posting this to give you a notification because I want to help you get your cardio in for the day

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Yeah I’m not sure how they calculate things but I’m guessing interviews are more than just pass fail but tough to say. My gpa is 3.92, mcat is 518 , activities was 8/17 (And I believe the average in previous years has been around 7-10 for accepted?) and I passed the interview. Last year my activities was 4/17 so I thought that was what was holding me back but I guess I have to work on interviewing! 

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