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It does happen, few of us on here that it happened to. And you’re getting the interviews, so now it’s about practice. I was rejected after my first interview, prepped hard the following year, got off

I also like the idea of waiting for the email because if it is an acceptance I feel like it wouldn’t be the same seeing it on OMSAS vs actually reading the letter! 

Hi everyone!  Current NOSM student here. I just wanted to try and ease some of the anxiety that I know many of you are experiencing right now. I don't recall there being any sort of indication of acce

Time Stamp: 8:31

Decision: Regrets

GPA: 3.8 in undergrad (4.0 with the MA boost)
Context: Lived in small town in Northern Ontario my entire life. Mature applicant (25 years old).
ECs: Currently work at a not-for-profit. Various clinical volunteer experiences. Research experience, NSERC, University medal, one first-author pub and multiple conference presentations.
# of previous applications: 0

A bit surprised because I thought the interview went well.

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13 minutes ago, nishdoc said:

Sadly I got the rejection letter! But it was my first time applying and I am still proud of making it this far so I am hopeful for next year! 

How did you do?!

Ah oh no! You should definitely still be very proud! I am waitlisted, so we'll see how that pans out...more waiting

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