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Does someone know which specialties are working on the frontline treating Covid patients right now? By frontline, I mean actually in the hot zones treating the patients, not those mainly doing telemedecine.

And what will be the role of the FM?

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I mean of course ED, ICU, and GIM are in the thick of it, as well as anesthesia.  The FM hospitalists for sure.

But any service that treats inpatients has docs seeing COVID+ people in person.  Some places are designating COVID psych units.  Me personally I'm doing telepsych from home aside from call.  I hate it but I'm lucky to be mostly safe.

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Family doctors are doing all sort of things right now.

Many do ER. Many manage patients in nursing homes.

Telehealth is actually very important. Many anxious patients are decompensating. Also, being able to talk to your patients will prevent ED visits.

Then, there are the hospitalists doing COVID units as well.

Some do COVID clinics / COVID screening clinics. 

There are also people doing public health.



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