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7 hours ago, Makarzo said:

Hello! Im going to go into my 5th year at UofT (technically 4th year) after doing about a year of Co-op including a placement in dental research. My highest percentage for a year has been a 79.77% (excluding summer courses which would’ve boosted it significantly). My plan is to finish up my fourth year with a competitive GPA and do a 6th year (technically 5th year) as I need to achieve ATLEAST 83% for those two years and preferably ~88%. And do a Master’s if I’m on the lower end (83%). I have no qualms about the years required to get into something I really want to do, however my concern has been in wondering if someone else was in a similar position who pulled through! 

One of my friends in undergrad did this and she got into Schulich despite her first 2 years were covered with C's and B's. So it's definitely possible as long as you have a competitive GPA in the last 2 years (90%+). Good luck :) 

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