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Oh we're looking on the bright side alright...

Clusters of 2015 matriculants were called grapes because of our purple bags. You guys get to be busy bees! I think it’s nice. I’d have been happy with it.    The colour is a dandelion yell

I was in your shoes for the past three cycles, seeing a lot of my friends get accepted and talk about how excited they are about this year's bag color, among many other exciting things about starting

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If the yellow is pretty deep/rich I could be on board, though it was second from the bottom on my list (above orange). Guess we'll have to see in person!

Either way, #Team Bumblebee let's go. I'm just happy to have finally gotten into med lmao I'll take any free backpack they'll give me.

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Let's look on the bright side. The 2023/2022s were obviously very concerned about our safety and ensuring high visibility, and definitely not using this as a funny opportunity to make traffic light photos or take advantage of the opportunity to saddle the next year with the most outlandish colour they could. I'm sure the 2024/2023s will be similarly considerate next year.  

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