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I had a misunderstanding and assumed that we had to just send in our transcripts by June 30th if given an offer. After reading this forum, I'm realizing we have to complete the actual course by May 31st. Does this mean exam written by May 31st, and then graded with official transcript delivered by June 30th OR final grade in hand by May 31st? Panicking because I'm realizing this will be a huge stretch for me...would have to write the exam in the next 2 weeks (online course - we pick when we want to write the exam)

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If I had to guess I would assume that you have to have the final exam written by latest May 31st. Additionally, you want to ensure that the school has enough time to grade your exam and get your final transcript delivered by June 30th. I know that Athabasca recommends completing all course requirements 4-6 weeks before you need the final grade. I would just email Ottawa to confirm what they mean exactly! 

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1 hour ago, tomtomnavigati0n said:

I've emailed them before and they're not fussed about when things are done / when you do the exam. They just need the grades by June 30th. What happens inbetween is on you and the school you're taking the course at...

Are you sure? They were pretty clear the final exam needed to be completed before May 31 when I emailed them. 

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