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11 hours ago, hbmed said:


That’s gonna literally leave me with three courses from first semester as my fourth year GPA if I have to reapply next year since my thesis course was equal to two full year courses

exactly same boat! my first sem GPA was not great but I worked my butt off for a 4.0 in thesis (and everything was finished before the switch to online anyway). I do understand why Western (and other schools) is doing this though, so although it sucks for me personally I'm not complaining about it. 

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Correct. They do two best. Unfortunately, this year was my best overall by a landslide and I was counting on it as a GPA boost if I need to reapply (for both western and other schools).

And yeah, I’m not sure whether they would be able to consider 3 courses as year GPA (again, same exact boat. Those grades for me are pretty good, so it’d be okay for me if it did count, but I’d be shocked if it did). I suppose they may actually lower GPA requirements across the schools given that people may have anticipated doing better this year... I can hope I suppose (Totally speculative)

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