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Schulich Class of 2024 Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected

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@inininini You need to relax. Overreacting to what a potential future classmate said knowing that they were trying to be helpful has no merit for anyone, especially since no one is obligated to share


GPA: 3.91 (best 2 years)

DAT: RC/AA/PAT: 20/21/21

ABS: volunteering in university and in community,  >100 hours shadowing, employed at dental office, NO research/publications or experience in lab (in case future applicants are wondering)

Interview: found the questions straight forward, because it was not a live interview, did not have any particular "feeling" coming out of it as there was no human interaction or reactions to gauge. 

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GPA: 3.98/4.00 (95%)

DAT: RC/AA/PAT 21/23/21

ABS: pre-dent founder/president, >300 hrs shadowing, receptionist at community dental clinic, teaching, clinical research, etc. 

Interview: Straight forward questions and felt I was personable for most questions. However, time limit was short for some questions and I feel like the timer kept throwing me off. Agree with above about not having reactions to gauge. Imo, I am not impressed with the online interview format but I understand they tried their best given the circumstances.

Overall, very disappointed with the outcome but hoping for the best with the waitlist movement! Plz don't send me to Australia, I hate spiders lol.

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1 minute ago, datextr1 said:

Result: Waitlisted

GPA: 3.97

DAT: 20AA 20RC 22PAT

ABS: Volunteer, research, clubs

Interview: mixed feelings. Thought I couldve said other things after I was done and definitely wasnt representative of me

I didnt get the HWL message for the waitlist, so I'm almost treating it like a rejection. Disappointed but congrats to those who got in!

Not sure if anyone got HWL message. Can anyone confirm? I think you have to email admissions to find this out.

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Result: Accepted! 

GPA: not sure how they calculated my GPA (mix of school terms and co-op), but guessing ~95 % best two years

DAT: 23/23/21  (RC/AA/PAT)

ABS: Graduate degree (lots of research, undergrad co-op, etc.), shadowing and volunteering with a student dental clinic ~1 year. Lots of other ECs: clinical volunteering, athletics, and art, for example. 

Interview: Was unsure about my responses because of the online format, but felt confident and handled questions maturely!

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