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Result: ACCEPTED (St. George) Timestamp: 9:22 AM. Offer was up on OMSAS at ~7:30 AM wGPA/cGPA: 3.60 cGPA!! (ineligible for wGPA, submitted AEE - wGPA would be 3.91) MCAT: 510 (3 attempt

Result: Accepted Timestamp: May 12th 9:21am wGPA/cGPA: wGPA 3.88 MCAT: 517 (129 CARS) ECs: Pretty type for U of T; very research heavy - 3 first author paper (submitted

Result: Accepted (Mississauga) @ 9:30am Geography: IP GPA: 3.86 (or 3.94 if EE went through to give me wGPA) MCAT: 517 (127/128/131/131) Degree: PhD complete E.

Result: Accepted

Timestamp: No idea.... woke up to see the offer on OMSAS around 7am


MCAT: 513 

ECs: Pretty diverse- I'll updated this post later with more details after I've finished processing this news.

Essays: I was pretty confident in them

Interview: I really really thought I bombed one of my stations, 2 were mediocre, and one I felt very confident.

In-person or Virtual: In-Person

Year: Third

Geography: Toronto

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Result: Accepted (OMSAS) - Downtown Toronto

Timestamp: 7:30 (OMSAS)

wGPA/cGPA: 3.99 (cGPA)

MCAT: 517 (127 CARS)

ECs: Varied, tried different things. Can PM me for more info.

Essays: Spent a month on them, had multiple good friends read over them. Very grateful for all the help. 

Interview: Tried my best, thought it was my best interview. 2 Great stations, one good, one OK

In-person or Virtual: In-person.

Year: Graduated 2019 - Am in gap year

Geography: Raised in the TO, happy to be staying

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Result: Accepted - St. George

Timestamp: OMSAS in morning


MCAT: 515

ECs: Research heavy, school clubs

Essays: super last minute

Interview: 1 station great, 1 bombed, 2 just below average

In-person or Virtual: In-Person

Year: 4th year

Geography: Toronto

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Result: Accepted

Timestamp: Checked OMSAS


MCAT: 517

ECs: Various things ranging from sports to community work

Essays: Didn't spent too much time on them but put decent thought into them

Interview: Actually felt all 4 stations went well

In-person or Virtual: In person

Year: Graduated

Geography: OOP (BC)

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Result: Accepted (OMSAS) - St.George! 

Timestamp: Checked OMSAS at 7am

wGPA: 3.95 

MCAT: above cutoffs 

ECs:  Lots of healthcare experience, volunteer at crisis centre

Essays: Very proud of them

Interview: Had a good feeling walking out but wasn’t sure as the days went on.

In-person or Virtual: In-person.

Year: Graduated 

Geography: GTA 

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Result: Accepted - St George

Timestamp: 9:06 am

wGPA/cGPA: 3.96 (cGPA)

MCAT: 512

ECs: Lots of long term volunteering, some research (1 pub), president for several clubs 

Essays: Worked on them for over a month and edited by several people 

Interview: Felt that all 4 stations went well 

In-person or Virtual: In-person

Year: 4th year undergrad

Geography: IP

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Result: Accepted!! (Downtown)

Timestamp: 9:14 am


MCAT: 505 

ECs: Pretty standard - a little bit of research, healthcare and mental health volunteering

Essays: Felt pretty good about them

Interview: Two stations felt pretty good, one was mediocre, and the other went terribly

In-person or Virtual: In-person

Year: Graduated Master's 

Geography: GTA

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Result: Accepted (St. George)

Timestamp: 9:07 am (email), btw 6-7 am (OMSAS)

wGPA/cGPA4.0 cGPA, OMSAS 3.99

MCAT: 509 (129 CARS/128 PHY/125 PSCYH/127 BIO)

ECs: 2 yrs hospital volunteering, lots of different types of research (many social sciences and pedagogical, not much lab based research), TAing, many campus jobs including advocacy and policy work - lots of different types of experiences. I tried everything that interested me during undergrad (Breadth > Depth ?).

Essays: Did them in a week or so, moderate amount of time spent on them.

Interview: Feb 8 morning - felt okay, ran out of time in one station but had a connection with the person interviewing, felt VERY monotonous at one station, other 2 were fine - very comfortable conversations but nothing exceptionally good nor bad.

In-person or Virtual: In-person

Year: Finished 4th years

Geography: IP

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Hey, congrats to those who were accepted today! For those who didn't get in, does the email specify if you were rejected or waitlisted? Mine sounds like I got rejected because it says "After careful review of your application, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you a position in our medical program this year". I would like to know if everyone who wasn't accepted got this or if I was rejected with no hope of getting in this year. Thanks.

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Result: Accepted (St. George)

Timestamp: 9:14 am (email), 6-7 am (OMSAS)


MCAT: 517

ECs: Lots of different research, volunteering for things I'm passionate about, some working positions. Couple publications. 

Essays: Spent a month on them, had them reviewed by multiple people. 

Interview: Felt pretty good coming out of it. Just spoke honestly about my experiences and my thoughts. One of my interviewers as I was leaving told me that it went well so I guess thats a good thing.

In-person or Virtual: In-person

Year: Finishing masters.

Geography: IP

This is my 4th application cycle and I've been rejected post interview the previous 3 times so I'm off the moon right now! 

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Result: Accepted to MAM (6:59 AM PST)

Geography: OOP

GPA: 4.0

MCAT: 514 

Degree: BSc. Honours (class of 2020)

E.C: Varied. Honestly pretty vanilla. Didn't have much long term stuff other than hobbies. I think it is all how you talk about it. Put some unconventional stuff like family members with illness and how I'm trying to live a zero waste life. 

Essays: wrote them over the course of a few weeks and didn't have anyone read over (lol). Used them to tell a story - make them personal if you are looking for advice.

Interview: In-person. Felt good about it! I felt better at my Ottawa interview and bad WL there so I wasn't sure how this would shake out. Best tip is to be yourself and use personal examples when answering questions.

Congrats everyone!!!! And to those waitlisted or rejected, it'll happen! This is my second cycle and I was rejected post interview from UBC last year.

Will accept unless I get into UBC (fingers crossed for tomorrow).

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Result: Rejected

Timestamp: 8:55am

wGPA/cGPA: 3.98/3.97

MCAT: 127/127/132/132

ECs: Lots of really good stuff I am proud of, and solid enough for EC heavy schools

Essays: Wrote them about a week before the deadline. Vibed w/ the questions

Interview: Thought it was the best out of my four. Just shows how poorly we judge our own performance! 

In-person or Virtual: Virtual

Year: 4th

Geography: IP

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Result: Accepted (Mississauga campus, 2nd choice)!!!! :)

Timestamp: 9:06am EST

wGPA/cGPA: wGPA 3.93

MCAT: 128/129/129/130 (516)

ECs: diverse and long term... mix of volunteering, sports, campus involvement, employment, research, etc. PM for more details if curious 

Essays: Tbh wrote these the day before. I did not overthink them, just did my best to be genuine and let my personality and core values shine through. 

Interview: Virtual.. didn't feel the best about this format and still cringe at my answer to 1 of the 4 prompts. Didn't feel that the format played to my strengths but still grateful for the opportunity

In-person or Virtual: Virtual

Year: 4th year UG

Geography: Ontario

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