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Result: ACCEPTED (St. George) Timestamp: 9:22 AM. Offer was up on OMSAS at ~7:30 AM wGPA/cGPA: 3.60 cGPA!! (ineligible for wGPA, submitted AEE - wGPA would be 3.91) MCAT: 510 (3 attempt

Result: Accepted Timestamp: May 12th 9:21am wGPA/cGPA: wGPA 3.88 MCAT: 517 (129 CARS) ECs: Pretty type for U of T; very research heavy - 3 first author paper (submitted

Result: Accepted (Mississauga) @ 9:30am Geography: IP GPA: 3.86 (or 3.94 if EE went through to give me wGPA) MCAT: 517 (127/128/131/131) Degree: PhD complete E.

4 minutes ago, HeyMrSnowman said:

Result: Waitlisted

Timestamp: 1030am EST

wGPA/cGPA: wGPA 4.00

MCAT: 128/128/130/130

ECs: Diverse - PM for details

Essays: Strongest part of my app. Spent a good two weeks on them. 

Interview: Thought completely messed up, surprised I didn't get rejected outright

In-person or Virtual: Virtual

Year: 4th year UG

Geography: IP

praying for you man, hope it works in your favor!!!!!!!!

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Result: Rejected

Timestamp: 9:00

wGPA/cGPA3.97 for weighted

MCAT: 512

ECs: Had a very unique EC but didn't get interview anywhere else so I guess not that great

Essays: gave multiple people to look at and edit it

Interview: 1 station was really bad because I ran into technical issue :( 1 was good, 2 were really soso

In-person or Virtual: Virtual

Year: BSc. Gap year

Geography: OOP


This is my second time interviewing at UT and I think this would be my last year trying. Congrats on everyone who got in!! You guys will be amazing doctors!! 


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Result: Accepted - TDR 

Timestamp: 9:22 AM 

cGPA: 3.97

MCAT: 518; 130/127/131/130

ECs: residence advisor (3y), research volunteer (clinical and basic science), exec on many clubs, lots of other stuff 

Essays: Spent a month on them - had them reviewed by family members 

Interview: answered everything genuinely and honestly - it was not easy being virtual - hard to judge own performance 

In-person or Virtual: Virtual 

Year: Graduated 2019 - gap year

Geography: From Kingston

3rd cycle and second cycle interviewing - got waitlisted at u of t/mac/ottawa last year  

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10 minutes ago, ontariopremed said:

this is my experience/information from friends at u of t med who have said lots of people accept their u of t offers and there isn't much movement 

that's expected unfortunately :( do you know how they contact you if you get off the waitlist, and if there's ever any movement within the first two weeks..? 

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1 minute ago, redbeanbun said:

that's expected unfortunately :( do you know how they contact you if you get off the waitlist, and if there's ever any movement within the first two weeks..? 

not really sure how they contact you; 

i'm assuming/i think someone last year posted they got an email from u of t off the waitlist - if the school doesn't hear back from you, i'm pretty sure they go on to call you to make sure they get a hold of you and inform you of your offer.

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On 5/9/2020 at 5:01 PM, HeyMrSnowman said:

Result: Accepted! St. George Campus and it was my first choice! :) 

Timestamp: 9:22 am

wGPA/cGPA: Not sure wGPA; approx 3.95-4.0, cGPA: 3.89

MCAT: 510 (127/125/130/128)

ECs: Long term volunteering at a retirement home teaching serving at meal times, and general resident companion. Teaching assistant both in lab and in lecture. Worked part time through all of my undergrad in fast food, volunteer at a hospital for a few months up until corona struck so this was not on my application. Also NO RESEARCH AT ALL.  Pls pm me more if you're interested about my EC's because they really are not extraordinary I think its just more about how you present them and what you learned :) 

Essays: Spent a very long time on these. Probably about 2 months worth. I only had friend's read them at the end to make sure it was coherent and that I answered the question. I finished with 4 pieces of writing that I am very proud of.

Interview: Felt great about 2, okay about 1, and pretty bad about 1. I guess you truly never know how you did!

In-person or Virtual: In-person

Year: Graduated undergrad April 2019.


This is my second cycle applying as I was waitlisted last year and did'nt make it off. I am so so happy and will be accepting this offer. If your news wasn't good today please keep trying because this last year was one of the hardest and uncertain years of my life but today made it all worth it :wub: And please PM me if you have any questions. I would love to help!


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Result: ACCEPTED (St. George)

Timestamp: 9:22 AM. Offer was up on OMSAS at ~7:30 AM

wGPA/cGPA: 3.60 cGPA!! (ineligible for wGPA, submitted AEE - wGPA would be 3.91)

MCAT: 510 (3 attempts: first attempt was 494)

ECs: I think my extracurriculars are on the weak side for UofT. I have no publications and just some casual volunteering in a lab. I was the president of a club and did volunteering at several hospitals. I have a lot of leadership experiences and have some experience working with indigenous populations. 

Essays: I wrote my essays the night before they were due! I am a strong writer though and have helped many people proofread their essays. I think this is what got me the interview since my GPA is so low and I have weak research. I wrote the essays like a story and made them quite emotional and personal.

Interview: I felt pretty cringe about it. I literally struggled to watch my videos after. Even then, I think I was pretty comfortable during the interview and spoke clearly and confidently. I feel like I rambled a bit and should have cut my answers shorter. It looks like I was good enough though. 

In-person or Virtual: Virtual

Year: Finished UG in 2016

I wrote a similar post when I got an interview to UofT despite my weaker GPA and EC's to hopefully inspire some of you. I am so happy that I can now officially share this success with all of you. PM101 has been a helpful community to me. I have met friends through here and everyone has inspired me to not give up. I want to do the same for anyone out there who didn't get in. As someone who was rejected for 2 cycles, I know how crushing it is to not succeed. You put all that hard work, and you know you deserve this victory, but it still wasn't enough. I have been there, and it just straight up sucks. But it's so damn worth it when that success finally arrives. As someone who has a 3.6 cGPA and got a 494 on their first MCAT, I can tell you that if this is your dream, you will achieve it. If you want this bad enough, you will get it. So don't stop. Don't give up.

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Result: Accepted - St George

Timestamp: 9:14 am

wGPA/cGPA3.92 (wGPA)

MCAT: 513

ECs: Pretty diverse ranging from years of research, sports, music, clubs, advocacy, and pedagogy with leadership positions in all of these. Definitely one of the strong parts of my application imo

Essays: Spent months on them. Reviewed by a few MDs and a couple friends.

Interview: Felt really good about 3 and average about 1

In-person or Virtual: In-person

Year: Finishing up MSc

Geography: IP

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1 minute ago, Fingerxcrossed said:

Does anyone know how to find past threads related to waitlist movement? I tried searching related terms but couldn't find anything. Wondering if uoft has a large waitlist

If you search a few pages back, you'll see a waitlist thread with people discussing their options and some getting off the waitlist. Not sure about threads with specific waitlist size mentioned or how much movement there is though.

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Result: Waitlisted

Timestamp: 10:31am (email)

wGPA/cGPA: cGPA is 3.98 - don't qualify for wGPA 

MCAT: 516 (127/127/130/132)

ECs: Lots of research (3y), some sporty things (5y), employment (3y) and student leadership (3y)

Essays: Took a month to write my essays and was really proud of them! Had my fam look over them.

Interview: Really liked the types of questions they asked as I felt that I had a lot to say about them. Overall felt pretty good but had a technical issue on the last question so it was maybe a bit subpar compared to the other ones 

In-person or Virtual: Virtual

Year: Just finished my UG

Really would love to get in off the waitlist!! Hoping to see what happens :)

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Result: Rejected

Timestamp: 8:55 am EST

wGPA/cGPA: 3.97/3.95

MCAT: 523

ECs: diverse and well-rounded I think

Essays: Wrote them a week in advance, had them looked over once, thought they were well done.

Interview: 1 very good station, 1 average, 2 slightly below average

In-person or Virtual: in-person

Year: MSc

Geography: IP

Second time interviewing, second time rejected. Pretty bummed as UofT has always been my first choice. Is what it is. 

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Result: Waitlisted

Timestamp: 10:30am EST

wGPA/cGPA: wGPA 3.96/3.90

MCAT: 506

ECs: Research heavy, diverse, lots of volunteering, idk what else to do for these ppl

Essays: Put a lot of work in, never been a strong writer, liked them tho was happy w them 

Interview: Given it being virtual, I did all I could to "stand out", just the way the cookie crumbles. Wish I had an IN PERSON CHANCE?!

In-person or Virtual: Virtual

Year: 1 Year Post Undergrad 

Geography: IP

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Result: Waitlist

Timestamp: 10:30 AM


MCAT: 515

ECs: Standard (some abstracts and posters, a submitted manuscript, president of clubs, clinical volunteering)

Essays: felt pretty good, had a few people read them over

Interview: did well on 2 and did poor on the other 2

In-person or Virtual: in person

Year: gap year

Geography: IP

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Result: Invite

Timestamp: 9:21 am EST

wGPA/cGPA: 4.00/3.99

MCAT: 516

ECs: feel free to PM me

Essays: Spent a couple weeks on them. Was pretty happy with the final submissions 

Interview: I felt really limited with time in the virtual format. 

In-person or Virtual: Virtual

Year: 4th year UG

Geography: OOP

Congrats to everyone!! 

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Result: ACCEPTED! (still can't believe it's real) 

Timestamp: 9:17 AM (email)

wGPA/cGPA: 3.92/3.74 (don't qualify for weighted though - did write academic explanations essay)

MCAT: 511

ECs: Pretty varied - lots of research, clubs, leadership activities. Lots of long-term commitments. No clinical/hospital volunteering though. 

Essays: Worked on them the night/morning of. But was happy with the responses - answered the questions clearly. 

Interview: Actually felt good about it. I was myself, and honest at each of the stations... all the interviewers were friendly, so surprisingly wasn't nervous. 

In-person or Virtual: In-person

Year: Graduated MSc. 

Geography: IP

This was my second time applying! Having not been a traditional pre-med, and not even realizing my interest in medicine up until recently (and realizing I hadn't prepared for it as well as other applicants) - seeing this offer was so humbling. Good luck to all other applicants... and for those who didn't get the news you wanted, please don't give up! 

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Result: Rejected 

Timestamp: 8:54 

wGPA/cGPAwGPA: 3.94-3.96

MCAT: Above cutoffs 

ECs: Very diverse. Lots of research, awards, volunteering abroad... 

Essays: I think they were very genuine and real. I thought about them for a long time but I wrote them the night before. 

Interview: I felt pretty good with all 4 interviews. But after some reflection, I think my answers were more on the neutral side. 

In-person or Virtual: In-person 

Year: Finishing up MSc

Geography: IP


This was my first cycle, and only interview. Obviously very bummed, but I'm trying to stay positive. I had a very good feeling about this day :(

Will apply again next cycle for sure. 

Congratulations to everyone who got in !!! 

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