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The Qbank is to help you learn the material. It's not really for predicting what score you'll get. Not even the makers of Canadaqbank itself can give you a definite answer about how much you'll need to confidently pass. If you are an IMG, your goal is not simply to pass, but to do as well as possible to have the best chance at getting interviews and matching. If you're a CMG, then you're probably going to pass whether you use this or not.

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9 hours ago, helloworldz said:

I'm also worrying about my score. I have an average of a little less than 60% on CanadaQbank and i'm about in the 65th percentile. I'm a CMG and I have no idea if my knowledge base is weak enough that I should postpone this exam...

Qbank is pretty bad, and has a lot of esoteric, or poorly worded questions. So 65th percentile on that seems pretty good.  Unless you were barely passing exams in medical school, you are very likely fine. 

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