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Hello there,


I know posts like this are super annoying but I’m trying to figure out my application plan for next cycle while I wait for May 12th. I’m finishing up my MSc this year, and I’m wondering if it’s worth applying to Calgary - any insight would be appreciated!


OOP (Ontario)

MCAT: 516 (129/129/128/130)

cGPA: 3.89

wGPA: 3.95 (I think I calculated this right given that Calgary counts an A as a 4.0?)


EC’s: varsity athlete, lots of youth coaching, research in disability studies (2 pubs, multiple poster presentations) lots of TA work, volunteer work w/ persons w/ disabilities, 4 years as a strength & conditioning coach 


Thank you!!

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10 hours ago, Overstressed said:

Thanks everyone!! Does anyone have insight if the same conclusion applies to Alberta? Is it worth throwing an application into Alberta as well?

For OOP students who got interviews at UofA this year, the avg score was: Av gpa 3.93, av personal activities score of 7, av mcat 518.24

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