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Having a learning disability as a experience on my med application

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While I can understand that it has helped you develop as a human being in terms of overcoming difficulties, and being a more compassionate and understanding, tolerant person, all of which put you in good stead in life, I don’t particularly think this is going to help you in a material way in reading your application. Assuming you are a competitive candidate, it won’t harm you to add this in context of making you more focused and sensitive to difficulties of others,  it overall, I think it is of limited value, however, your approach and attitude will come through in how you communicate with others.
I know a lawyer who had to work consistently harder throughout law school to achieve her goals due to her learning disabilities. Nobody really knows what she went through as only her closest friends knew. Best of luck!  :P

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Where exactly would you put it? If you did some volunteering related to it you could put in your abs.

You could also use it to answer UofT questions for the essays if it's relevant.

For western they give you a section (about you section I believe) where I think you could write about it 

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