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Is a B+ worth converting to a p/f?

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20 minutes ago, Tullius said:

Interesting -- are all the GPAs from U of C quite a bit higher than other schools then?  That would have a huge impact if you can effectively erase low grades from your record.

Queen's is also doing this- it's not a normal thing, it's just because of COVID. Many schools are allowing students to do this, or even making all courses P/F with no option to do otherwise

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4 hours ago, Medhopeful123$ said:

I recently ended up with a B+ in a chemistry course which was unexpected because I went into the exam with a really high grade but I guess it is what it is. I was just wondering if a B+ is really that low for medical school apps? 

I would likely recommend against it. Some schools have mentioned disregarding your whole semester if you take a P/F on even one course so if your other grades are strong taking a p/f would likely make them all irrelevant.

Also another point,   a B+ is a pretty good grade for chemistry and if you take a pass/fail the person reviewing your transcript at a later date is going to assume you actually finished the class with between a D and C+ and took the pass to inflate your GPA

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I wouldn't convert it. It raises more suspicion, which you definitely don't want. For all they know if could be a C. For what it's worth, I have one B on my transcript and I get multiple interviews every year. A director of admissions said that they expect one or two courses of an applicant to have an 'okay' grade. B+ is totally fine. There's a lot more to a med application than one average grade anyway. 

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