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I just thought that amongst all this sadness for people who didn't get a spot I'd just share my story as I'm sure some of you can relate and others can hopefully draw some inspiration. Also I just nee

I just got an offer for the Hamilton campus!!! Timestamp: 14:45 Edit: I just want to say that I wish all of you the absolute best of luck! We were definitely dealt a tough hand this year, but the

Well boys and girls, probs gonna call it quits after tomorrow. I've been lurking on this forum for 2 weeks now and y'all seem like real nice, genuine people and I hope all of you will get accepted int

14 minutes ago, William Osler said:

Hopefully a 2004 Indonesia sized tsunami hits tomorrow

An interesting analogy, may I say. When a tsunami is about to strike, the tide retracts into a seemingly calm moment of stagnation. However, this transient tranquility is overshadowed by a continuous 40-feet-high column of water striking the inland. Like this, the offers will come for you In the coming days. Good luck and stay positive everyone :) 

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22 minutes ago, guacamole17 said:

do you think that they have already sent out most waitlist offers?

I personally don't think so. I feel like we would've seen more posts, since there aren't as many when compared to last year's. so I really hope a big wave comes tomorrow... that is assuming that they didn't over offer

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I'm starting to think that it doesn't matter when they were sent in previous years.  Fact is, there's been no real pattern to it, and it can come at any time - though they do tend to come in the afternoon...

Since they do rolling, I doubt Wendy goes "Hmm, what did I do last year - gotta leave a pattern for the PM101 kids".

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