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2 hours ago, destiny deoxys said:

I just give my spot in the french stream, good luck people, I'd never imagined getting in two school with the result of last year so improvement is possible :), I also recommend watching anime, it really help me with the waiting time through my 4th year of biomed 

edit: Also expect more movement in the WL french stream this year since more seat are given in Qc (could you guess why ?) 

Why are there more seats in Quebec this year? Is it because of Covid?

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Hey guys!!!!! I am literally going crazy right now!!!!! I barely can breath I just got the email from chantal that I got off the waitlist!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU GUYS HEAR BACK ASAP

I calmed down a bit before making this post but I got the email from Chantal at 2:06 as well!! Was not expecting this!!! See everyone online in the fall and best of luck to anyone still on the waiting

HOLY SH*TTTTTTTTT guys. Chantal just sent me an offer e-mail. The first wave is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS I'M HYPERVENTILATING!!!!!!!            

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3 hours ago, klj.klnmk,mn said:

Yes, I think it is somewhat related to covid (shortage of staff). I read the article somewhere. I'm living in MTL right now and they also increased the seats for McGill as well. Wish ontario schools would do that but not sure if Quebec will also be increasing residency spots too. 

Edit Link: https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/quebec-adds-extra-medical-school-spots-saying-we-must-act-over-staff-shortages-1.4951171

I think Ottawa should follow and give us another hundred seats :) 

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On 5/23/2020 at 1:14 PM, newmy88 said:

Hey guys! So I couldn't figure out the attachments thing (lol not tech savvy :() so I just made an anonymous account so you guys can view this as I update it!


If theres anything I missed or its wrong please feel free to PM me :) 

Hi! I apologize for being a bit MIA. I realize my name isn’t updated on the list, I actually did accept my offer but am having a hard time putting it in to doc :) if you can update it for me that would be great! Thank you! 

also, best of luck to everyone on the waitlist, hoping spots continue to open up!!

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1 minute ago, newnsa98 said:

Just got an offer off the waitlist thanks guys for all the support, just keep on being hopeful!!!

This fills in the "gap" in the timespot theory. There are no gaps after 7:37:38 (7:38:59 with medhopeful). I think anyone after in the list can trust that they won't fall through the cracks if there are offers left; they're not skipping high timestamps. 

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