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Hey guys!!!!! I am literally going crazy right now!!!!! I barely can breath I just got the email from chantal that I got off the waitlist!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU GUYS HEAR BACK ASAP

I calmed down a bit before making this post but I got the email from Chantal at 2:06 as well!! Was not expecting this!!! See everyone online in the fall and best of luck to anyone still on the waiting

HOLY SH*TTTTTTTTT guys. Chantal just sent me an offer e-mail. The first wave is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS I'M HYPERVENTILATING!!!!!!!            

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4 minutes ago, vandijk.04 said:

there may have been a few offers sent out, it's just that no one on here posted about it :(

hopefully there are enough spots remaining for a huge wave tomorrow/in the coming days !!

If the timestamp theory holds true, I feel that you would be very soon to know so brings optimism that there may not have been any movement today. Maybe they know they've spoiled us with early waitlist movement these past few days, so they don't mind waiting a bit longer xD

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1 minute ago, pinkneuron said:

Got off the waitlist guys! My gpa is 3.95 and my waitlist email was created at 7:39 am. This thread has been so instrumental in keeping me sane, I cannot believe the amount of support we have provided for each other through the interwebz. I love you guys T_T I hope you all get in <3 

That is amazing!! Congratulations!!! 

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