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Hey guys!!!!! I am literally going crazy right now!!!!! I barely can breath I just got the email from chantal that I got off the waitlist!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU GUYS HEAR BACK ASAP

I calmed down a bit before making this post but I got the email from Chantal at 2:06 as well!! Was not expecting this!!! See everyone online in the fall and best of luck to anyone still on the waiting

HOLY SH*TTTTTTTTT guys. Chantal just sent me an offer e-mail. The first wave is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS I'M HYPERVENTILATING!!!!!!!            

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6 minutes ago, MedicineLCS said:

The top bin ends at either 7:41:28 or 29. Bin 2 starts at 7:41:30. This year, thanks to the data posted, it's very clear where the first bin delineation is. 


7:41:27 3.896
7:41:28 3.895
7:41:30 4
7:41:31 3.99
7:41:34 4
7:41:37 3.99

Where did the 41:28 and 41:30 come from? Maybe i'm looking at the wrong thing but I see this on @newmy88 excel sheet? 


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This is what I have. @newmy88's list is nicer than it:


It may be slightly different than any other list (mistakes happen when reporting/manually entering data) and I vaguely remember adjusting time stamps when people were not reporting the seconds to make sense of it (e.g. If someone with a 7:41:xx time stamp has a 4.0 GPA they must be after the group in the 20s with 3.9/3.8 GPAs). There are also a bunch of people who simply reported dropping the waitlist who never reported timestamps or GPAs and are not included. 

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38 minutes ago, ccforMD said:

Does anyone know if we get two different ''class is full'' email (one for when the French stream is full, then English full) or only one for the entire English/French cohort ? 

They will be separate but last year they were both sent on the same day (June 24). I’m not sure if the adcoms do that on purpose.

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7 minutes ago, zackattack881 said:

I heard they only send the email when both classes are full. So they automatically are sent on the same day be default. If the French stream is full first, then the English stream they will send both emails on the same day (the day the English is full in this case) or vice-versa.

I highly doubt that’s the case, but I could be mistaken.

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Today was so HARD ! I was hoping all day... mennnnnnn ! :( I swear seconds were hours !

I know that we don't have every information and that there is a lot of assumptions... But 5 spots off seems really small to me. I mean ? Everybody is on premed101, no ? And people with good stats are more incline to post, no ? 

I can not believe that the class is full, especially because they skipped anabanana and that's too odd. We are also only june 10th... I guess that is still early ? 

Anyways, if somebody hear some movement in the french WL, please tell us :wub:

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1 hour ago, TrustTheProcess21 said:

I have a feeling we’re going to see a large wave in the French stream this week akin to the one in the English stream on Monday!

That would make sense, honestly. We only had 2 mini-tiny waves !

I «trust» your guts, TrustTheProcess (pun intended) :P

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