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It’s over friends, the class is full email just came out. Wishing you all the best and see you next year 

just got off the waitlist! - timestamp: 2:03pm

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I have an offer from another Ontario school, but Queen's is my first choice, and I was waitlisted at Queen's. If I accept the offer from the other Ontario school, will I automatically get removed from the Queen's waitlist by OMSAS? I was confused by the wording of the waitlist email:

"Please note you do not need to confirm if you wish to remain on our list. If you accept an offer of admission at another school of medicine and no longer wish to be considered at Queen's, we would be grateful if you would let our office know. Please email queensmd@queensu.ca if you wish to have your name removed from the wait list."

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24 minutes ago, ggmedschool said:

I know Queens has roughly ~90 seats, will they send offers to 180 students and the rest of us are on the waitlist so from 180-200? Or do I have this all wrong (I am just following a similar logic to the US system)

I think they offer 100 ish at first, and then 80 from the waitlist?

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On 5/12/2020 at 10:48 AM, Casablanca said:

Wondering this too! Has Queen's ever sent offers from the waitlist within two weeks after initial offers?

wondering the same thing!

last year the deadline to respond to offers was may 28th, and some people came off the waitlist on the 28th. so if the deadline to accept offers is may 26th at 11:59pm, then it seems you could theoretically accept a queen's waitlist offer late on the 26th....

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