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Question for Applying Next Year CASper question

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On 5/12/2020 at 9:34 AM, jackthegreat said:

I want to apply next cycle to mac. My gpa is 3.6 and cars 131. What percentile would i need approximately to get on casper to get an interview and how hard is that to do?

I had a 131 and 3.58 and was given an interview this year. Nobody knows actual numbers but just work hard on casper and know that it is possible! Remain hopeful! 

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10 hours ago, sk8erboi said:

I applied with 3.59 and 127 and received an interview. you're already ahead of me with your awesome cars score. you can definitely get in using your stats, but you will have to have a very high casper score relative to the rest of the applicant pool. message me if you have any questions :) 

Did you get accepted?

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