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I'm at a school that emphasizes self-study. I tangentially follow along the curriculum, but mostly, I study the concepts and material myself. After doing a lot of studying of minutiae and realizing that it's not serving me well, I'm wondering if anyone has advice on how to create a more clinically tailored study plan/strategy.

My goal is to find a/few good resource(s) that will prepare me for clinical medicine to do well during clerkship. I then want to convert this into Anki cards and just spend my days studying in that way. I plan on learning the relevant anatomy and physiology separately using a textbook I like (Costanzo) and the Zanki Step 1 anatomy/physiology decks.

So, does anyone have advice on good resources/study strategies that will teach the clinical side of medicine for self-study (approach to common presentations, bread and butter diseases, diagnoses, management, etc.)? If this comes with its own Anki cards, then even better :)


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