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Calgary invites/regrets/waitlist 2020

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55 minutes ago, MDme said:

Result: Accepted off the Waitlist 4:18pm 

Geography: IP

GPA: 3.84 (calculated by UCAN)

MCAT:  508 (126 CARS)

Degree : BSc & MPH 

EC: Lots of research experience, high level athlete back in the day, involved in the arts community, vice-chair of university club, volunteering with community organizations, travel, and lots of other random hobbies and things fairly typical of most applicants. Message me if you want more details. 

Interview: Felt fairly good about it, though there were some stations I felt I ended way to early and should have had more to say. I have had previous experience with MMIs which helped to reduce my nerves. 

Beyond excited as this is my 4th application cycle and 3rd year of being waitlisted. I figured I should post to provide some hope to others who have been at it for years and may have a GPA or MCAT on the lower side. 

congrats!!! :)


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Result: Accepted off the Waitlist at 4:17pm 

Geography: IP

AGPA: 3.76 (calculated by UCAN)

MCAT:  507 (126 CARS)

Degree : BScN 

EC: Worked in healthcare for a few years and in research doing clinical trials for ~1 year, co-founded a student club, VP in university, residence staff for two years, research with socially vulnerable (4th author only in published paper), did some short-term presentation and volunteering with indigenous people, did other university community wellness projects

Interview: (Cohort 1) Felt pretty horrible about it to be honest... completely changed my MMI tactic on my second station and rolled with it. I had big regrets for it afterwards, because I knew I prepped for it in the wrong format. 

First time interviewing at UofC and can't believe it! I was completely prepared to re-write the MCAT and have another go at it

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On 5/12/2020 at 5:50 PM, premedlul said:

Result: waitlisted

Geography: OOP

GPA: 3.90 (no wGPA)

MCAT: 128/128/130/130 (516)

Degree : BSc (2018)

EC1+ year medical office assistant, 3+ years cancer research with two pending pubs, VP for 2 university clubs, 2 personal start-up businesses, average awards (just undergraduate academic awards), multiple academic tutor/mentor experiences

Interview: Cohort 1, not sure how I felt about the MMIs but I really enjoyed the long stations though :D

Damn accepted off waitlist!

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Result: Accepted off the Waitlist

Geography: IP

AGPA: 3.85 (calculated by UCAN)

MCAT:  502 (126 CARS)

Degree : Bachelor of Physio (overseas)

EC: Non-trad older applicant. 10+ years of experience in healthcare (private and public), coaching and playing sports at elite level, volunteer with amateur sports team for 5+ years. Other stuff too.

Interview: Cohort 2 interview. It was, what it was, but appreciated the opportunity to say something.

2nd time applicant. 1st time interview. Would love to help other future applicants with this grueling process.

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