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I'm in the French stream and during the year, at some point, the students in my class tried to see if there's was a correlation between interview dates/time of the day they were interviewed and acceptance/ranking and there wasn't but we didn't look at waitlist position and timestamps! Hope this help! Don't lose hope, some people in our class were admitted late, even after the email saying the class is full came out!

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2 hours ago, mp44518 said:

How many would you estimate got off the french waitlist (excluding CNFS) ? And thank you for the information!

If I had to make an educated guess from what I know of my year and the year before, I would say between 7-10 for French stream excluding CNFS, and then I think last year CNFS moved at least 3 spots down the waitlist as I know 2 people who refused their CNFS offer. If half the class comes from the waitlist according to stats, then maybe 67-71 from the waitlist for English stream. These stats are very very variable and might not be representative of this year!

I hope this help, I have been on the waitlist before and my heart goes with all of you ❤ 

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