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For people @ universities (outside of their home town) that are going online: what's your plan for continuing ECs?

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Title pretty much says it all. I live on the west coast and go to school on the east coast. I have 3 long(ish) term ECs back east, but if my university goes online there is no way that my parents will pay 10k+ for flights, residence and food when I could stay at home for free. All my ECs will basically be put on hold for the summer and at least one semester. 

I just picked up one online EC which I'm enjoying and I might contact some supervisors of my high school ECs who I keep in contact with. I would love to be more involved right now by delivering groceries, etc. but my parents are SUPER strict about staying home (but that's another story). 

Anyone else in the same boat? Any creative ideas?

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12 minutes ago, Artier said:

Is there a way to continue some of those ECs remotely? I'd imagine even if you continue to be there on the East coast in person, you'd still not be able to participate in most non-remote ECs anyway.

No :( Unfortunately all of them require hands-on tasks. One is hands-on help with admin tasks in the hospital (they would never let me have access to these files remotely anyways). The second involves selling and organizing local produce (like fruits and veg) for students. The third is volunteering as a medical responder for campus events; although this is through St. John Ambulance so there is a possibility that I could transfer to my local location (if they even have any opportunities to volunteer). Do you have any suggestions?

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