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I just got it!!!! It took exactly 7 days for me (5 business days total).

She said this a few days ago? I emailed her the same thing mid-late June and she responded saying that they are finishing up reviewing transcripts and then they will send out our info to IT for regist

Yeah I mean they originally said they'd register people in June so it was supposed to be sooner but hopefully this time it really is in the next few weeks!

10 hours ago, HeyMrSnowman said:

So... what's the process for accepting offer for Ottawa?

Do we just firm accept, submit, wait for the process to finish, and then submit transcript request?

Yep. It takes about a day or two for your omsas application to be processed after firm accept. Someone else summarized the things we have to do in the facebook group before may 26: accept OMSAS offer, courier original signed offer/copy of citizenship/white coat order form and email as well (if we have to do both?), and put in the $1000 deposit.

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7 minutes ago, HeyMrSnowman said:

Thanks guys! I am having trouble with the whole transcript thing though.. I am in 4th year UG and apparently the graduation date is officially in June... Which option did you guys click in OMSAS? 

I think you may need to click after degree conferred, as this info should be visible on the transcript. Double check with OMSAS live chat. 

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37 minutes ago, @.@ said:

Hey guys! 

Just to confirm ... If I graduated in 2019 I don't need to send the final transcript, since I applied with my final transcript? 

Did you attend a post secondary institution in 2019-2020? If not, you don’t need to send anything in, but if you did you should send it in

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Does anybody have the definitive answer to whether the "average" we need to maintain for admission refers to this year's average alone, or a new WGPA calculated taking into account this year's grades? 

For context, I have a 3.857 in this year (on 70% course load), which I think is ok for IP Anglophone cutoff... It won't hurt either way. But would still appreciate the reassurance lol. 

Thanks so much guyzzz

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On OMSAS, does your screen just show "firmly accepted" with offer expires tmrw, and that's about it? Just wanted to check if I have everything in order for tmrw. I received confirmation from Diane about receipt of my signed letter/proof of citizenship/white coat order form, and sent in my deposit. I know some people have received confirmation of their deposit going through but I didn't and as long as it shows on my bank statement, I think I'm good. 

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