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BLS Training for NOSM 2020 (TBay)

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Hey folks! 

To my fellow acceptees for fall 2020, hello! Excited to meet you all! 

I'm currently located around TBay and looking at places to complete my BLS cert before September. There doesn't seem to be too many options listed on the Red Cross Canada website, and also note that any of them in May are currently cancelled due to COVID. I did get a response from HealthTec Training and Services, however, saying that if at least 4 people presented who needed this certification, they would be willing to run a small private course in early June.

Let me know if any of you are in the area and are looking to complete this as well! I'd love to make this happen

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I'm living in Sudbury and starting at NOSM here this fall. What up. I've not had much success myself in finding a BLS course near Sudbury, and assume those of us who don't want to travel a long ways for a short course may have to wait for the COVID business to settle down a bit more. I'm an RN and checked with HSN, where I normally do BLS here in town, and was told that they won't even be running these courses for staff until at least 30 Sep. So it may be that we end up relegated to a date closer to 2 Sep.

That said, good luck in getting your private course organized.

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I wanted to be more involved in my patients' care and able to do more for them as well as, I hope, society more generally. I also think MD work will groove more with the kind of person I am. And being an RN definitely helped me get accepted, of that I have no doubt. I have worked up north in places like Moose Factory and Attawapiskat as a nurse. Being able to speak directly to one's own experiences when elaborating on various medical/N.Ont.-specific topics during the application and interview is helpful. As well, nurses are concerned with the exact same ethical issues that MDs are. So, similarly, being able to talk about situations you actually were involved in and what you did is perhaps more impactful than speaking in hypotheticals or analogies. Being able to work alongside NOSM students/faculty where I was employed here at HSN in Sudbury also helped, as I was able to benefit from some of these great folks in terms of references and advice.

Nursing is more difficult to get your prerequisites in for if you're applying for more than just NOSM, however. In my case my paramedic diploma gave me a ton of transfer credits so I didn't have any course-mandated electives, but for more traditional applicants you may find the logistics difficult and have to do summer classes or otherwise.

But I can't recommend nursing enough. At the end of the program, you have actually worked in direct patient care and you've seen the real side of medicine, and can better say more certainly whether MD is right for you -- because for some medical students, it won't be. And you have a very marketable degree you can use to do all sorts of well-paid work anywhere in the world, too. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. 

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