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To the upper years: Any indication of when the Facebook group will be made, given the Med Ps got their offers in today?


Given the pandemic, there are a lot of changes that have happened since the University cohort's received offers (immunization cancellations, BCLS requirements, Fall 2020 being online), and a FB group could definitely help to clarify things for the incoming class.

Thank you! 

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This usually happens sometime in May and is done by the Medical Student's Society council members. They do this once they receive a student list from the faculty. You will receive an email when this group is created inviting you to join. I cannot say exactly when it will happen, but it should happen very soon.

Stay Safe and congrats on your admission!


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1 minute ago, 1234567654321 said:

Hi, where did you find out that immunizations are cancelled? All i can find is from this link https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/newstudents/conditions/immu-blsc which says "We are aware that healthcare providers are not taking appointments and we understand that there may be delays with immunization."



In the event that they get cancelled (it's possible), a facebook group would be useful to communicate that information. Nobody said that they were already cancelled ;)

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