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NEED ADVICE: Should I rewrite MCAT?

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Hey everyone, just made this account to ask for some advice: :) 

- Just graduated from a 4-year science degree 

- I've written the MCAT 3 times, with 122 in CARs the first two times, and finally a 124 on my third try (total score of 509). I was born in Canada and it's my first language, but for some reason i cannot seem to do well in CARS. I've also exhausted my CARS resources to the point that I rmr the aamc cars answers lol

I need some advice: should i rewrite the MCAT?

- I have a 3.97-4.0 GPA

- If I do not rewrite, I can apply to UofT, Ottawa, McGill, and some schools in USA. And id also have more time this summer to perfect my applications

- If I do rewrite, my fear is doing even worse than 509, potentially eliminating myself from applying to UofT and some schools in the US. And id also have less time to work on my applications.


Any advice would be appreciated :) Thanks so much in advance :P 

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I won't lie, you're in a bit of a tough spot! One thing that would help people on this forum provide some advice is your geographical status; are you Ontario, Quebec, east coast or west coast? Depending on where you are situated even a 125 in CARS could open a lot of options.

The strength of your ECs and LORs is a factor as well. Your GPA is very competitive, but all three schools you've listed are very competitive. For example, even with a 4.0, McGill can be a long shot due to their dedicated seat allocation (very few OOP). The strength of your ECs could help determine whether the "gamble" of rewriting is worthwhile. More information about your application as a whole would be helpful :)

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