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Hey guys,

After doing engineering work through internships and now doing a Masters (Which I love), I realize that medicine is more of a fit for me. My undergrad was in biomedical engineering, and as you can expect my GPA wasn't the best because engineering was tough. I ended with a wGPA of 3.68 with moderate EC's and 2 publications. I noticed that grad students get put into a separate pool, which is awesome for me and I can probably do a couple more EC's as well as at least 3-4 more pubs. I'm doing a MASc in biomedical engineering as well, if that makes any difference. I have NOT done my MCAT yet, I'm currently deciding what my best options are in terms of applications first.


The concern for me is that at the bottom of the UofT page it says that a minimum of 3.7 is considered competitive. Does that mean that they have another cut off after their initial 3.0 one? Does anyone know/did anyone get in with a GPA lower than that 3.7? Information about this or last year would be greatly appreciated!



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