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Hey guys, I know this may be a pretty over-asked question here, but I'm an UG student that just finished 2nd year and planning to apply to a few Canadian medical schools, with UofT being one of them. However, I'm really worried that my ECs will be holding me back in the autobiographical sketch. 

My cGPA currently is around 3.94

Currently, I have extensive employment experience in research during my undergrad (have authored two articles), along with ~3.5 years of employment since high-school as a pharmacy assistant, a competitive dancer for the past 10 years, a few unique life experiences (coming from a low SES family and having to work, being involved the care of a family member suffering from severe disability and being exposed to medicine from a very young age due to my family member's condition).  I have multiple academic awards/scholarships.I also have a few hobbies I'll be adding. Other than that, I'm involved with a lot of clubs at my school in a leadership capacity. I am also a writer for a University affiliated medical journal.

Other than that, I really haven't done much with my volunteer experience being very marginal. Do you think it's possible to land an interview with these stats? 







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