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Languages can be an extracurricular/ABS element you add to your application. If you frame it within the 'communicator' aspect of CanMEDS when writing your ABS/EC description, and write them well, it could help. But it is an EC like any other. I think if you manage to use your language competencies in a productive or interesting way (ex: tutoring, studying abroad...) it would look better than simply saying "I speak French".

If you apply to a francophone program/school, it obviously becomes a requirement. 

And call me a nitpicker, but French is not a foreign language since it is an official language of Canada. 

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Just to add to this, if you’re applying to uOttawa English stream, it is a benefit if you’re bilingual. Not 100% sure how much of a leg up it gives you, but I’ve heard that if you’re tied with another applicant post-interview, being bilingual is the tie-breaker (you’d get in over them for being bilingual). Hope this helps!

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You can apply to the French stream at U/Ottawa which, I understand, allows you to write exams in English and it is less competitive than the English stream, so you maximize your opportunities. Having competenciesxin languages other than English allows you to expand your patient base when in practice.

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