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Confirming the Deposit

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17 hours ago, VanD said:

I heard from another accepted student that you can live chat them on Tuesday and just send in your student number to confirm the deposit!

With infoService? I can't find the chat option for the faculty of medicine. 

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6 minutes ago, cubes868 said:

Congrats everyone! What size white coat did you guys end up choosing? 

I'm 5 foot 4 female with an average frame and usually fit a small in t shirt size. I took some measurements and found that the XS option seemed to match up most, so I went with XS. Also, I read many people recommend sizing down as it tends to run a bit large!

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18 minutes ago, DrOtter said:

Unrelated... But does anyone know when we're supposed to go to banks for LOC application? Do we need an official registration of record to do so? Thanks! :rolleyes:

I heard that banks don't start to have their offers available until June/July for the incoming first year medical students so I would wait till then. Last year, RBC offered an ipad if you signed up with them. 

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11 minutes ago, WishingforMD said:

Was anyone able to confirm that the faculty of medicine received the deposit? I tried the chat option but it kicks me out every time... 

So I tried and the agent said they cannot confirm with only my student number, even though another agent told me they could on Friday (maybe the Friday one thought I was already registered). I emailed Chantal to see if they could confirm receipt. 

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