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No French. Worried about longitudinal family medicine experiencd

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As stated above, most Montrealers know at least some bits of English. However, also as stated above, there will be franco patients.

When accepting an offer from McGill, it is your responsability to learn some French, as stated above, for the sake of your patients, but also for your own good. Learning a second language, wich in this case is still an official language of this country, is higly beneficial ! Dont see this as a chore or an impediment. 

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As others said before, you'll need to learn French. There will always be people telling you that you can get away without it, but then again, it's just a matter of showing respect for those who prefer to be spoken to in French to at least do your best and try!

For LFME, even if you're very motivated, it's unlikely you'll be fluent by September. However, I can tell you from experience that it can still be enjoyable when you don't speak the same language as the patient. I was paired with a doctor who was taking in a lot of Chinese patients, so he was speaking Mandarin to them and he would translate for me. It can be a little bit awkward at first when you need to perform a physical exam on someone who doesn't understand what you say, but you gotta be creative to make yourself understandable. Of course I didn't do history taking with these patients, but you're not gonna have 100% unilingual-francophone patients in Montreal so don't worry!


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