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3rd year 2 week elective at U of T additional or removed from 4th year electives?

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Found this on the U of T site and just wanted to know if the 2 weeks of electives mentioned here in 3rd year are ADDITIONAL to the electives in year 4 or if you do 2 weeks in year 3 you must do 2 less in year 4?


Any pros and cons of doing it in 3rd year?

I know they have been cancelled for this year, but I would like to know what the initial plan was.


Also, it says on the site that Y4 has 15 weeks of electives only 13 of which are actual electives and 2 weeks is for vacations. Is it possible to do an elective in those two weeks or make them productive?


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There's a total of 16 elective weeks in the program. Two of those weeks can be used in a time allocated in third year, around may-june. Next year will be the first year that it will actually happen so nobody knows if it actually does what they hope it'll do - career exploration.

I personally think it's a low risk high reward type of opportunity, as you get a chance to potentially work in the speciality you are interested in and figure out if you like it or not. That can help support a decision to change electives for the September-December period which are the bulk of your prep for carms.

You can also takes those weeks off, as uoft asks for a minimum of 13 out of the 16 weeks to be completed.

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