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CMA c2024 backpack colour choices (w/ pics)

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1 minute ago, ER_Mike said:

I'm not going to stand out much more wearing my normal backpack while a gross yellow one sits in a closet somewhere, forgotten forever.

I mean you are right.....but in that case the point of the bags (MD Financial advertising ha) is lost either way. If you have a bag no one notices - no impact. If you don't use it at all - no impact. So it doesn't matter :)


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2 hours ago, acceptmeplease said:

Does anyone know when we find out? I am so excited about the backpacks aha.

I hope we can actually go in to pick them up, and not need to just have them mailed to us!!!


They usually give them out along with a little presentation from MD Financial, so I doubt they'll mail them directly to you bc they love their chance to advertise to us haha. Honestly my best guess (if in person orientation is a no go) would be a presentation over zoom and then dropping the backpacks off at your school and leaving it up to admin to figure out how to distribute...fingers crossed there's some in person component to orientation for you guys bc backpack day is so exciting! 

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