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Did anyone get accepted to the facebook group?

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Maybe I'm just eager but is anyone else still waiting to be accepted to the facebook group? I think I sent the request to join a week ago. I changed my primary email to my ualberta one as someone kindly suggested and I see the group members have gone up by 40, so Im just wondering.


Just thought I'd let you guys know I got accepted to the group last night! I did what someone suggested which was to be part of the UAlberta group, make sure my primary email on FB was my ualberta one, and the next day they accepted my request :)

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1 hour ago, albertamed said:

So why is the Facebook group 500+ people when it’s just for the 2024 class?

Usually students from other years of the program join. It is a way for new students to connect with others who you will be seeing (someday!!) in the hallways.

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