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What are some solid ways to prepare to write the MCAT

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Spend some time browsing the subreddit r/mcat. There are TONS of resources on this site. 

Buy ALL the AAMC online prep material. It's pretty much essential to doing well on the exam.

UWorld is probably the best non-AAMC prep material out there. It's extremely expensive, but well worth it if this is a possibility for you.

Most people use the Kaplan prep books. I used Examkrackers and loved them because they were short and sweet (I have a science background so I didn't need super detailed explanations).

JW (Jack W3stin) daily passages are a good free resource for CARS. Khan Academy also has a bunch of free CARS passages. There are also some pdfs of the Examkrackers 101 CARS passages and The Princeton Review CARS workbooks floating around the internet- these were a great resource as well!

Prep courses are NOT worth it. Just make sure you discipline yourself- make and stick to a study schedule.

Khan Academy videos are a great free resource and they have a partnership with the AAMC so you can trust their material to be relevant to the real MCAT.

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Efficiently go through a set of prep books and complete discrete questions after you read a chapter. Do as many practice passages / questions as possible. Review them after and understand the rationale behind why each answer choice is incorrect / correct. Do timed practice test from a 3rd party (EK, Kaplan, Altius etc) and then take them up the day after. Review weak a topics and knowledge gaps. Rinse and repeat. Save the AAMC Practice material until ~1 month before your test date. Treat the AAMC material like gold and review their rationale behind incorrect / correct. Review weak areas and gaps in your knowledge. Try to chill the day before your test. Crush MCAT. 

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