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Use OMSAS conversion table to convert US GPA

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Hi, guys...

I did my undergrad in the US and wanna go back to Canada so I'll be applying to Canadian med schools... And I've got a few questions:

1. I asked OMSAS and they said most likely I'm gonna use conversion column 7 where A+=4.0, A=3.9... In this case, my grade was dragged down a lot... So I'm worried my converted GPA does not meet Ontario Med schools' cut off. Is there a way to increase my GPA. Somebody said "non-degree " or "Master program". Which way is better?

2. Does anyone know  Master of Science in Biotechnology from the Advanced Academic Program at John's Hopkins University. This program offers both on-site and online option (even during the normal time without COVID-19). In addition, it admits both regular students who wish to pursue master program and employed people to improve their professional skills. More detailed info of this program can be found here:https://advanced.jhu.edu/academics/graduate-degree-programs/biotechnology/Therefore, I'm wondering how would admission view this online-type master program. Will the MD admission regard this master program equally as the regular academic master programs, or it would be disadvantaged compared to others?

3. I graduated in the winter quarter (our school has quarter system) and Western says 2020 Winter semester grade will not be counted towards GPA. But I finished my winter quarter before our school closed. In this case, will my grade from 2020 winter quarter still count?


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