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Clinical Job Experience - Ophthalmic Assistant

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Hi everyone, please see below for a clinical job opportunity for premeds in Toronto!


This is a clinical work experience opportunity for driven individuals who wish to go to medical school. You will be working 2-5 days per week alongside several University of Toronto ophthalmologists in a clinic in Toronto (Midtown). Starting salary for this position is $15-17/hour depending on prior experience.

Requirements: we are looking for someone who aspires to pursue a career in medicine and has completed an undergraduate degree OR a graduate of an ophthalmic assistant program. Prior experience is NOT required.

Responsibilities include obtaining detailed/accurate histories from patients, measuring visual acuities, and performing pupillary testing and tonometry. You will also be performing pre-testing (OCTs, Visual Fields, Automatic Refraction, Lensometry).

The ideal candidate is one who can work under pressure, see large volumes of patients in a day, learn quickly, and be an effective team member.

Please send a resume and a cover letter SPECIFIC to this position to apply.tess@gmail.com

Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Salary: $15.00 to $17.00 /hour

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