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ways to increase matching besides having done some rotations in Canada?

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4 hours ago, rjar said:

Besides doing rotations in Canada through a university, is there anything else i can do to improve my chances of matching? Is there a possibility to volunteer at hospitals? is there any websites I can get info from? 

Doing clinical rotations as a medical student is your best bet. Research could help too, otherwise volunteering at a hospital in a non-clinical role is more for the pre-med level

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  • Rotations in Canada, and specifically the desired programs
  • Letters of reference from Canadian staff
  • Research at Canadian institutions/with Canadian staff
  • Demonstrate connections to the desired location (ie if you born and raised in Winnipeg and are planning to practice there you will be looked at more positively from that program) 
  • Rotations/LORs from prominent US schools if the above is not possible doesn't hurt
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