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UofT PT Waitlist Movement

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15 minutes ago, PTforLife319 said:

I’m 90% sure I’m not gonna accept my UofT PT acceptance, so wait list should at least move 1 lol. If anyone would like to trade with their McMaster acceptance I’m down! Haha

Omg I would love to trade my Mac offer for your UofT offer aha! I doubt that is possible though :( 

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44 minutes ago, ptmandem said:

Is there anyway to determine how many people are wait listed? Or does anyone know if the waitlist moved at all last year?

Well only 250 approx. wrote the CAP, correct? And out of those probably 120/130 ish got acceptances? Or even less? Since they know not everyone will accept their offer. So that leaves around 120 people, some of which were declined! Maybe 60/70 on the waitlist? I have no clue. Apparently last year there was very little movement, but a friend whos in the program said it was a lot of applicants' 1st choice, hence why the class size increased.  

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