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Hi everyone,

I posted on the acceptance thread and realized I should just make a new post :)

Congratulations on your acceptances! This time last year, I was stuck deciding between programs/ trying to find out as much as I can about the schools. It was overwhelming and fortunately I was able to connect with some past students/ returning students which was super helpful.  I am currently on medical leave from Western OT and starting again in September. I did complete the Fall semester of first term, and did my undergraduate degree at Western. While the course curriculum is changing this Fall, if you have any questions about Western, feel free to message! :) 

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Hi circe, thank you so much! What is it about the course curriculum that is changing?

I've been accepted to both Western and U of T, and I'm leaning towards Western mainly because of the smaller class size, social justice & equity focus, and experiential learning aspect (just by reading the websites the Western program stands out and appeals to me!) Also, I'd prefer not to be in a big city and have more of a community feeling.

I was wondering if you have some insight into these aspects of the program and additional comparisons we should take into consideration?

How has your experience been? What have been some of your favourite parts? What disappointed you?

Thank you!! :)

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