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Gap Year. Working in the industry?

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Has anyone who worked in the industry (particularly the pharma industry) successfully made it into med school (other than Mac). I have finished my MSc and currently in my gap year and I am wondering if it is a good idea for me to take the well-paying job (working as a scientist-ish in contributing to drug development. The reason this may be a concern is that medical school may actually look negatively towards this due to the reputation that pharma industries have. I tried looking through pasts threads and it seems like no applicants who SUCCESSFULLY got into medical school put down "working in the pharma industry" in their application. Additionally, I saw some threads discussing how Med schools are discouraging students from accepting bribes from pharma companies. Although the job may be rewarding, I don't want to jeopardize my future medical career. If this is the case, then I would probably look for some standard job as a research assistant/scribe/cashier, etc....

Edit- I'm not worried about my stats as I have 3.95+ gpa with several long-term commitments and multiple publications, and I received a UofT interview this cycle (rejected post-interview). I am just looking to get something to fill in my gap year so I don't get red-flagged by adcoms.

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Not in industry, haven't completed a MSc.

I can note however, that the insight and awareness that you have and would develop in pharma (drug design, related pubs, concerns with bribes etc) makes all the more reason you'd be a potentially good doctor. It's one thing to note that it is unethical to take bribes from pharma, it is a bit of a slipery slope to assume anyone related to the career is unethical/negatively connotated/unfavorable with medical schools. Some of my classmates have pharmacy backgrounds or orgo backgrounds, some even with gap years from these programs, and are some of the most insightful students I have ever worked with.

Professional careers are valued and the life experience from it would provide a unique perspective that differ from RA/scribe/cashier.

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