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Moving to Toronto from OOP

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Hey! I’m from BC and will be attending UofT for MscOT as well. I’m still debating on it as the 3 hour time is a huge factor. However the cost of staying home will be cheaper. I know they said courses are online but does this also include labs? I’m hoping the virtual orientation next week will provide more information!

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26 minutes ago, OT0213 said:

I will be at the Mississauga campus. Will you be in Toronto? I really didn’t think I had a chance of getting in so didn’t even choose a preference for campus. Regardless, just so happy to be accepted.

Congrats!! I’ll be in the SG campus :) yes, I’m super excited to begin the program!

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hey I'm also from BC and got an offer from UofT OT, SG campus. I think they said term 1 would be completely online. It's one of the reasons I'm leaning towards accepting from UofT due to cost of living as well as any issues relating to covid since the cases in Toronto are way higher than here in BC. Hoping we get more info in the virtual orientation as well!  

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