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Some questions about McMaster OT's program!

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Hi all! I got into Mac's OT program and wanted to ask a few questions.

1) I just graduated from McMaster and have been working here, and I have the option of keeping the few jobs that I have here (which I've been doing to help pay for school), equal to around 18 hours a week. Is it possible to work while in school? I know placements can make that difficult and the workload is heavy, but is it possible?

2) Are placements generally in the GTA? I can't drive and I know the catchment region is far, and I want to figure out how/if I can make that work. Also, how exactly do placements work? Are they within business hours or are weekends/evenings/early mornings a part of them?

3) Would anyone be able to speak to the process of getting a job after graduation and how likely it is? I know things are especially muddy with the pandemic, but any insight would be great, as I am very concerned about the loans I already have and about finances generally.

Thank you so so much! 

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